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Professor Sarah Annes Brown teaches at Anglia Ruskin University. She is a member of the editorial board of A Dictionary of Shakespeare's Classical Dictionary. She completed a BA in English and MA in Medieval English at Bristol University. Her PhD was a study of the Renaissance reception of Ovid’s Metamorphoses, and her first monograph, The Metamorphosis of Ovid: Chaucer to Ted Hughes was published in 1999. Her more recent publications focus on the sources and reception of Shakespeare, and on the afterlives of classical myths.  These include:

• “Classics Reanimated: Ted Hughes and Metatranslation”. In Ted Hughes and the Classics, ed. Roger Rees. Oxford: Oxford University Press (2009).

• “‘Shaping Fantasies’: Responses to A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Popular Culture”, Shakespeare (2009).

• Tragedy in Transition (co-edited with Catherine Silverstone). Oxford: Blackwell, 2007.

• “‘Hail Muse, etc’: Greek Myth in British and American Literature”. In The Cambridge Companion to Greek Myth, ed. Roger Woodard. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (2007).

• “‘Plato’s Stepchildren’: Science Fiction and the Classics”. In The Blackwell Companion to Classical Reception, eds Lorna Hardwick and Christopher Stray.  Oxford: Blackwell. (2007).

• “‘There is no end, but addition’: The Later Reception of Shakespeare’s Classicism”.  In Shakespeare and the Classics, eds Charles Martindale and Tony Taylor. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 2005.

She is currently researching the relationship between allusion and the uncanny in the English literary tradition and has co-edited (with Andrew Taylor) a volume of early translations of Ovid for the MHRA series, Tudor and Stuart Translations. 

For the present project, she is a member of the editorial board.

Sarah Annes BROWN